About Us


Dominican Hope’s mission is to improve the education opportunities of the underprivileged children in the Dominican Republic.



Since first going to the Dominican Republic in 1994, we have seen the devastating conditions of a Third World country first-hand.  It’s impossible to forget these images.  With a desire to help, we began collecting and distributing school supplies, clothing, toys, and little league baseball uniforms.  As our involvement grew, we realized that attending school was not an option for everyone.  There just weren’t enough schools to accommodate the vast number of children. The Mayor of Puerto Plata, Walter Musa, enlisted our help for a pre-school in downtown Puerto Plata. We have successfully completed this project and currently 268 one- to five-year-olds are attending from  7 AM to 4 PM. They receive breakfast and lunch, plus free medical care in a safe and secure environment.



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